Just who is Melissa?

This is the story of a girl who dreamed of becoming a magazine writer—so she left her hometown of Toronto for grad school in “the States” with little more than a first-generation Mac laptop and a healthy supply of blue eyeliner.

Upon graduating with a Masters degree in Magazine Journalism from Syracuse’s prestigious Newhouse School, Melissa hightailed it to NYC in search of a job. A quick foray in public relations led to her first magazine position at a travel trade magazine. Several trips to far off destinations soon followed, but when Melissa realized she was more excited by the Nordstrom in Anchorage than whale watching in Seward, she knew it was time to move on.

Next up: 14 years writing and editing in the media trenches of New York City and an (improbable) career as a beauty and lifestyle expert.

From Shape Magazine where Melissa served as Deputy Editor/Executive Beauty Director, to 6 years spent as Beauty Director at Better Homes & Gardens , her mission has always been to help America’s women navigate the department store aisles, and make sense of the latest scientific innovations. TV credits include The CBS Early Show, Entertainment Tonight, and several satellite media tours. Prior to that she had spent an amazing 8 years as the Senior Editor for Beauty, Health, and Jewelry at Town & Country magazine.  Her work has also appeared in Prevention, Art + Auction, Natural Health, and OK! magazine.

A self-professed chemistry and science nerd, Melissa is often taking industry scientists to task over their ingredients and formulations and professes that if she knew she’d be doing this for a living, she’d have paid much more attention in her chemistry and biology classes. When she’s not knee-deep in boxes, product mailings, or trying to dig her way out of the beauty closet, she can be found posting pictures of her three kids on Facebook and compiling Pinterest boards filled with desserts she’d rather eat than make.

Her blog Been there, done that is a sassy, anecdotal, unfiltered look at life in the beauty world through the eyes of a jaded New Yorker who feels she’s seen it all—and can’t wait to share.