Dermatologists Reveal Their Top Over-the-Counter Beauty Picks

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years—it’s that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get great skin. Compliance is far more important than cash. If I had a dollar for every person who’s asked me what product they need to have, I’d be writing this from my villa in Capri. … [Read more...]

10 Beauty Habits That Are Hurting Your Skin

from We’re a country that believes in abundance. We buy in bulk, watch oversize TVs, down venti cups of coffee, even supersize our breasts (well some people do). The point is: when we love something, we do it to excess. If some is good, then more must be better—and that’s … [Read more...]

Are BB Creams BS?

Those in-the-know are all abuzz with news of the latest beauty craze: BB Creams. A mnemonic for beauty balm (or in some cases, blemish balm), BBs promise an entire beauty arsenal in a tube: primer, foundation, concealer, moisturizer, SPF, anti-ager, and sometimes even acne-fighter. The craze began … [Read more...]

Your Sunscreen is Getting A Makeover

From Beauty editors love to talk about sunblock. We can analyze sun protection factors like some guys dissect baseball stats. We can tell you the difference between ultraviolet A and ultraviolet B rays (and why you should care). And we can disprove and debunk most every myth out there … [Read more...]

Steamy with a risk of showers

There are certain stories that magazine editors have to cover each and every year—the perennial features. In the spring that means sunscreen, self-tanner, or a how-to-get-ready-for summer story. Fall: it’s all about fashion and beauty trends. Holiday: red lips, new perfumes, and probably something … [Read more...]